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Do you or somebody you love have health problems?

Do you feel you have tried it all and still nothing seems to work?

Do you have to take toxic medications in order to keep yourself functioning?

Discover how Homeopathy can help you regain your health and vitality.

This alternative medicine has helped millions of people all over the world to reach optimal health and wellbeing.

An increasing number of people now turn to Homeopathy as a safe, effective, and gentle holistic system of medicine suitable for all ages, from babyhood to old age (and for pregnant women as well!).

I am amazed at how well Homeopathy works. I used to have severe problems with my digestion for many years. The Homeopathic remedy prescribed by Masha helped me almost immediately. I enjoyed the whole process of Homeopathic treatment. I see Homeopathy as a new solution to health problems. I recommend to all my friends to go see Masha. I am also bringing my daughter to see her.
- Jenia Orlova, Menlo Park, CA

The Benefits of Homeopathy:

  • works well against both acute and chronic diseases
  • does not cause dependency
  • is free of side-effects
  • is non-toxic
  • remedies are inexpensive
  • is highly individualized

Homeopathic remedies are time-tested and FDA approved. They can help conquer even the most stubborn chronic diseases on all three levels – physical, emotional, and mental.

Homeopathic treatment is able to reverse chronic diseases by strengthening your immune system and allowing your defense mechanism to compensate for any areas of its weakness. Further succeptability to disease diminishes as long-term conditions get better or disappear altogether.

My daughter Gabriela had problems with sore throats and sinuses from an early age. She would often have sore throat, sinusitis, and a constantly runny nose. She went through many courses of antibiotics that would help just for a few weeks and then the problem would return. We took her to various specialists, who suggested surgery. After Homeoopathic treatment her problems went away. She does not have sore throats or sinusitis, and her nose is dry most of the time. She rarely gets sick, and if she does, she quickly recovers on her own without antibiotics.
-Zoya Kamenetskaya, San Jose, CA

Masha Rosen, CCH--Certified Classical Homeopath

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ph. 650-740-7500

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